Our Journey to Parenthood...

OMG PRIDE starts tomorrow night...Can you believe it?? It feels like just yesterday that we got the call, and I started getting teary eyed at work...it happens when in three years you finally get a glimmer of hope...Wow, I am nervous but soooo excited....we are on the journey to parenthood.  WOW!  Maybe our baby is out there right now...

Here is a little idea of what our training is about:


Education to prepare adoptive parents to meet the needs of adopted children is now recognized in Ontario as essential for all adoptions whether public, private or international.

PRIDE, the standardized educational program and SAFE, the homestudy assessment tool (SAFE) are used together to prepare all applicant families to foster or adopt children, allowing them wider choices for placement.

  PRIDE (Parent Resources for Information, Development and Education) is a nine session course for a total of 27 hours of training that could be offered in a variety of ways, from once a week to sessions on weekends. Whenever possible, applicant participation in a PRIDE training program should be concurrent with the completion of their SAFE homestudy.

The PRIDE curriculum provides information to help prepare all adoptive parents for the responsibilities involved in raising their children and incorporates information about the following:

  • Adoption and child welfare systems, processes and laws
  • Attachment as a central issue in all adoptions
  • Loss issues in adoption
  • Impact of adoption on your own family
  • Child development, child management and an overview of issues specific to the needs of adopted children
  • The effects of neglect, lack of stimulation, abuse, institutionalization on children
  • Identity formation and the importance of cultural and racial awareness
  • The importance of connections and continuity for children
All PRIDE trainers have received comprehensive training and have been approved by the Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies which holds the Ontario license for PRIDE. Each session is led by co-leaders, one an adoption professional and the other an experienced adoptive or foster parent. They will address the learning needs of all group participants regardless of their specific adoption plans, as they explore their options.


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