Our Journey to Parenthood...

I want to try Aaron and I blogging together about this process…but he comes home a lot later then I do, and I can write on break at work and then cross post between our blogs.


So last night the drive to PRIDE I was soooo nervous.  Aaron told me not to be, but I feared being late, the traffic was horrible, and it was raining as well.  We got there with 10 minutes to spare J


The course so far started off slow, we heard a lot of scary statistics, saw a video and got homework! LOL…


It really was what I thought it was going to be, they try and scare you off.  They said it a few times last night, if you can not handle this, maybe this is not for you.  I think the only thing that is getting us through is seeing a few friends of ours that have adopted and had a wonderful outcome.  Aaron and I both said during it on break – Keep thinking of Adrien Dee and Rob.  I am sure the course will pick up, last night I think everyone was very nervous, including us.  We had to get up and do a presentation with our group on what adoption means, and why would a child be taken into custody etc…really opens up your eyes to what some of these amazing children have had to endure and what goes on in your community.


We got the papers to start our SAFE home study, police check, medical and financial information!!!! They said it might take up to 6 months to complete, which is fine, we are used to waiting, but they also told us it could take a year or two to get into PRIDE and we got in under 5 months J  Fingers crossed!


Looking forward to next week’s classes.


8 More classes to go!
03/23/2010 08:41

I am so excited for you....this is an amazing start and with your and Aaron's positivity all will come together with a beautiful gift. Thanks for sharing your journey with us.


03/23/2010 11:19

Megan -- I am so excited for you! I am in tears reading your blog! You are going to be a Mom soon! I just know it! That lucky child is going to have wonderful, warm and loving parents --> You and Aaron!

xxx Anne

03/23/2010 16:22

Wow so exciting!!! I'm sure it will be no time and you will have a baby in your arms =) I can't wait for the phone call that a baby will be on it's way to you two!

03/30/2010 14:56

I love that she mentions about being birth parents and although you can not get pregnant you have adapted your path to be parents another way. I think it shows that we all get caught up sometimes in our "paths" and it was a good way to remind us. You and Aaron will be parents, and be awsome parents! And we are and always be by your side!!!

03/30/2010 15:40

Wow that does sound exciting! What a great start. I cant wait to hear how the rest of the classes go.....so exciting!


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