Our Journey to Parenthood...

Pride Week #2.  

AMAZING – Much better then last week.  We really enjoyed ourselves.

I am recounting our drive home, I really want Aaron to blog along with me as we are going through this together, but he gets home so much later then I do, and by the time we have dinner, we watch a bit of TV the evening is over.  So I got his opinions after class and while driving home, as it is almost a 1 hour drive home.


We learned about attachment.  We learned that our child will have a special attachment with us because we will love and nurture him/her and give him/her roots and family values that will last a life time.  Just because we did not birth our child, they will love us the same because we created a stable family for them to thrive in.  I think hearing that really helped our emotional states around the whole attachment issue we had in the back of our minds.



Our in class assignment was to write down our answers to a few questions…

            *What is our plan for tomorrow?

            *Where do we plan to be in 1 year? Who will you have by your side?

            *Where do we plan to be in 5 years?  Who will be by your side?

So we wrote down our heartfelt answers, and she took our papers and ripped them up! I was like WTH??? LOL

The purpose of this assignment was to show us even though we have a plan in mind, something can change that in an instant…I thought it was really nice that she mentioned, that she was sure we all thought we would be birth parents etc…and our fertility changed our path.  This does not mean that we will loose our dream of having a child/family, we will just have to do it another way.


We got our reference sheet, so we picked our references and they should get a letter in the next 6 months or so. 

Andrea S
03/30/2010 13:59

LOL On ripping your plans up! She is so right plans have to change all the time. Praying the baby/Child meant for your arms arrives soon!

03/30/2010 14:52

How true about how plans change - huh? I am so glad to be reading this right along your journey - thanks for sharing it with us!


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