Our Journey to Parenthood...

Today marks the one year of Aaron's Gramma passing away. It was a Sunday and I told Aaron we should go and visit, as she was in the hospital again...For the year or longer leading up to Gramma's passing she was in and out of the hospital quite a bit.

That Sunday May 15th 2009, we went up for a drive to Collingwood. She was in the Collingwood Hospital. She looked to be in better spirits, had lunch with her and had a good chat. As we left we said our good-byes and our I love yous and started on the drive home. We both talked about how much better she looked this time and we never expected the call we got saying she passed away.

When we got the message to call someone back, I almost dropped the phone, because it could not be true. The amazing woman who raised my DH could not have passed away. It was a dreaded phone call from a distant relative of Aaron's who we have not spoken to in years calling to inform us "Gramma" passed away. She was not just his Gramma, she was his mother.

As Aaron and I sit here - one week away today - to starting our journey to parenthood - I think of Gramma with the utmost respect and admiration of what a wonderful job she did as a mother to him and how she played such an important role in my wonderful husbands life. Whenever Aaron talks about his childhood and all the wonderful ideas he has for our future children, Gramma is not far from the story...

As this day comes to a close, and it is not one I really want to dwell on, but thank Gramma Fern for being such a wonderful mother, and I hope I can do as good a job as she did raising Aaron. I hope to be just like her.

We love you Gramma! You were an amazing mother to Aaron, and I thank god every day for him having you in his life.

PS - Here is a picture...boy do we look young here

03/15/2010 18:20

thank you for sharing.....and you both do look super young!

03/16/2010 15:29

You made me cry! Maybe it was exactly what I needed. It makes me happy that you got to know our Gramma and that you think so highly of her. She was a great mother - to her own children and to her grandchildren. Grandparents are special people and my Gramma was a blessing. I too thank God that she was in my life for so long.

RIP Gramma Fern.
We miss you.


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