Our Journey to Parenthood...

DH and I have done a lot of talking recently about our adoption and how exciting this next chapter in our lives will be.  I always thought that I would chicken out or something silly because I wanted to be pregnant, but I have not…I get more excited as the time gets closer.  I often wonder if I would still be upset if I saw newborns etc, buying the infant car seat that I would feel that pain that we have felt for the past 3 years (almost)…I have not had it in a while, maybe the adoption has given me strength to look forward.  I feel at peace with our decision on how to start our, hopefully, growing family…I find myself look at toddlers more now then I did newborns and doing a lot of research on toddlers and items we should be looking at buying.  I find excitement as this chapter starts.  I also find myself opening up and not cringing when people at work or in daily life talk about their children.  *not you ladies on this site*  Watch now that I say that, something will happen and I will have a bad blog entry – but I feel good.  I find myself with a spring in my step and a sunny outlook. 

03/01/2010 12:13

Oh Megan I am so glad to hear this. I can't wait to go shopping for my new nephew/neice. It will be wonderful! You are a great person and you too will make awseom parent wether it be a baby, or toddler or whatever!

03/03/2010 19:08

Glad you're feeling good about this new chapter and outlook. Adoption is a wonderful choice!


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